California-based Hugh Hewitt caught claiming he lives in ‘middle America.’

On his radio show last night, right-winger Hugh Hewitt accused Time’s Joe Klein of giving “the Manhattan-Beltway media elite view of what are the big issues,” adding that to “a lot of folks out here in middle America, big issues come in different sizes.” When Klein asked Hewitt if he’d been “spending an awful lot of time out in middle America,” Hewitt replied “you’ve got to live here. You’ve got to be from Ohio, Joe, to understand middle America like me.” Klein responded by pointing out that Hewitt actually lives in California. Listen here:

[flv http://video.thinkprogress.org/2008/04/KleinHewittMiddleAmerica.320.40.flv]

According to Wikipedia, Hewitt was born in Ohio, but since then he’s hardly lived the “middle America” life he claimed on the radio. In fact, Hewitt graduated from Harvard and spent many years working in both Los Angeles and Washington, DC.