Photo homage to Bush’s unimpressive international travels.

The “busy corridor” leading to the State Department cafeteria used to display “old black-and-whites of historic, significant times in American diplomatic history, including Wilson at Versailles and Roosevelt and Churchill signing the Atlantic Charter.” In September 2003, however, the Bush administration took them down and replaced them with “quite beautiful White House photos of truly insignificant moments.” The Washington Post’s Al Kamen reports on the newest additions to this collection:

The newest pictures sent over by the White House follow in that tradition, sprucing up earlier diplomatic breakthroughs with the latest triumphs, including photos from last fall’s Mideast peace conference and President Bush’s trip to Africa in February. There’s a great shot of Bush at a clinic in Tanzania. […]

Fortunately, some of the old photos remain, including our favorite of that complete loser, former Iraqi prime minister Ibrahim al-Jafari, whom Bush had praised as a “great Iraqi patriot” and “a strong partner for peace and freedom.” Jafari was kicked out in 2006.


There’s also still no picture of Bush with current Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.