Introducing Attackerman

Today, ThinkProgress is launching Attackerman, a new blog site featuring the insight, commentary, and analysis of Spencer Ackerman.

As a journalist, Spencer has written for The New Republic, the American Prospect, and Talking Points Memo, and is currently employed at the Washington Independent as a reporter covering national security issues. He will undoubtedly offer a unique and distinctive voice from ThinkProgress and The Wonk Room. Bookmark it and check back frequently.

Also, we’ve rolled out quite a few upgrades to ThinkProgress today. After receiving your feedback about our new redesign, we’ve made a few tweaks to make this site more user-friendly. Among some of the key changes:

1) We’ve enhanced the font to make it more readable. (If you don’t see it, make sure to clear your cache. On a PC, hit control-F5).

2) When you click on “comments” now, it will take you directly to the comments section, rather than the permalink.

3) The comments in the comments section have been reformatted to make them more reader-friendly.

4) PC users will notice that the blog has been centered on your screen.

5) We’ve added the “most linked” option into the “view most popular” box on the right hand sidebar.

We’re still making ongoing enhancements. Please continue to let us know what changes you’d like to see us make. As always, thanks for reading.