Right-Wing Video Warns ‘Gay Activists’ Are Plotting To ‘Take Over The Cities Of America’

100001223.jpg Recently, Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern (R) came under intense criticism for making a host of incendiary remarks toward gays. For example, she said gays are a “bigger threat” to our nation than terrorism. She also warned, “Gays are infiltrating city councils.” As an example, she cited the town of Eureka Springs, AR, whose city council she claimed is now “controlled by gays.”

The American Family Association (AFA) has joined in promoting this myth of the evil gay agenda in a new video called “They’re Coming To Your Town.” The poster advertising the DVD appears to have menacing rainbow-like lights in background. PageOneQ summarizes the trailer for the video:

The presentation in the AFA trailer…”They’re Coming to Your Town,” tells the tale of an uncharacteristically diverse resort town’s government infiltrated by “a handful of homosexual activists” and bent to their will through the enactment of the town’s domestic partner registry on June 22, 2007.

“Watch, and learn,” says the trailer, “how to fight a well-organized gay agenda to take over the cities of America, one city at a time.”

Watch the trailer here.

Eureka Springs is not pleased with people such as Kern, who claim that they have the city’s best interests at heart. Responding to Kern, Eureka Springs’s mayor said the city is “welcoming to all visitors and residents without regard to their race, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, disability or national origin. It is our hope that all people would aspire to this ideal.”

This is not the first time AFA has launched a homophobic campaign. In 2005, AFA president Tim Wildmon backed a warning about “evidence of homosexuality and lesbian people on programs like HGTV and Animal Planet.” AFA founder and chairman Don Wildmon also proposed a hypothetical trip to “the homosexual bathhouses,” saying, “[W]e’re going to confront these people…for what they’re doing.”

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Biggs Says: “OK. I’m gay. There. I’ve said it and I’m proud.

You know, until now it hadn’t occurred to me that I have some sort of sinister force within my gayness that drives me to colonize gaydem into Oklahoma and Arkansas. After all, I just crave men with potbellies, polyester short sleeved dress shirts, bad haircuts, worse table manners, and brains the size of raisins. Yep, sounds like Paradise to me.

Fortunately, this video has awakened me. Look out, Oklahoma and Arkansas, I’m on my way. And I’m bringing a great big can of pink paint.”