The Mood

An interesting CQ article takes a look at Dennis Shulman‘s efforts to unseat Rep. Scott Garrett in the New Jersey 5. Among other things, Shulman is a rabbi, which is kind of neat. They’re shifting their rating from “Safe Republican” to “Republican Favored” and remark that “Garrett, who is seeking a fourth term in office, was held to a career general election-low of 11 percent in 2006, but that election season was marked by nationwide anti-Republican sentiment. ”

It’s hard for me to see that being much comfort to Garrett. As best I can tell, the nationwide sentiment is only more anti-Republican than it was back then. The Bush administration is less popular than ever, and as I noted last week the remaining congressional Republicans made the odd decision to respond to the voters repudiating their policies by sticking with the same unpopular policies. Just take a look at the Democratic edge in party ID.