Feith: I reject ‘snide and shallow self-justification’ in my memoir.

Yesterday, former Pentagon official Douglas Feith held an event promoting his new book, “War and Decision.” During his talk, Feith claimed that he disapproved of the “snide and shallow self-justification typical in memoirs of former officials,” or the “‘I-was-surrounded-by-idiots’ school of memoir writing.” Yet as ThinkProgress has noted previously, this is exactly what Feith has done with his memoir. The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank reports:

feithb.jpg He argued that former secretary of state Colin Powell and his deputy, Richard Armitage, were the ones who failed to challenge the logic of going to war — not him. He suggested that Powell, Armitage, Franks, former Iraq viceroy Jerry Bremer and even Feith’s old boss, Donald Rumsfeld, should be blamed for the postwar chaos in Iraq — not him. … And he implicitly blamed President Bush for not cracking down on insubordinate behavior at the State Department. […]

It must have been very difficult being Doug Feith: correct all the time, and surrounded by idiots.