McCain praises public opinion, except when it disagrees with him.

Yesterday, after visiting Katrina-ravaged New Orleans, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) finished his poverty tour by serving as the “guest speaker” at the 25th annual Business Awards and Hall Of Fame banquet. In his speech, McCain offered his belief that “the best companies respect public opinion“:

Tonight’s awards recognize the qualities that make for excellence in business. And though many different types of business are represented here, I suspect the basic qualities are the same. …The best companies respect public opinion, among other reasons because they know their customers have the option of going elsewhere.

McCain has not always held public opinion in such high regard. In April 2007, he criticized public opinion polls, saying that politicians should not seek “the temporary favor of the latest public opinion poll.” If McCain were a business, by his own definition, he would not be amongst the best.