Is John McCain your ‘worst nightmare’?

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) believes he is a man to fear. Today in a blogger call, he declared, “I think that people should understand that I will be Hamas’s worst nightmare.” Some other groups who, according to McCain, consider him their “worst nightmare”:

mccainpoint.jpg — al Qaeda: “My presidency will be al Qaeda’s worst nightmare.” [Link]

— Democrats: “John McCain: The Democrats’ Worst Nightmare.” [Campaign ad, Link]

— Washington: “I’m prepared to cut hundreds of billions of dollars out of wasteful and unnecessary spending in America. … It’s the worst nightmare. I’m their worst nightmare, my friend.” [Link]

Of course, on the flip side, McCain said that the Democratic candidates are likely “favored by Hamas.” By that logic, there’s no doubt that al Qaeda, Democrats, and Washington are also dreaming of Clinton or Obama while having nightmares about McCain’s intimidating toughness.


Matthew Yglesias writes, “International politics shouldn’t be conceived of as some nutty zero-sum race to the bottom where our goal is to make Hamas cry — the question is who are we trying to help and do we have ways to do it.”

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