Hagee Retracts Katrina Comment: ‘I Should Not Have Suggested’ I Knew God’s Intent

mccain_hageeweb.jpgEarlier this week, ThinkProgress reported that controversial Pastor John Hagee had reiterated his long-held contention that Hurricane Katrina was God’s punishment to New Orleans for hosting a gay pride parade. Yesterday, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) — who had recently said he was “glad” to have Hagee’s endorsement — distanced himself from Hagee’s comments, calling them “nonsense” nine times.

Now, Hagee has put out a statement saying that he “should not have suggested” that he knew “the mind of God concerning Hurricane Katrina”:

“As a believing Christian, I see the hand of God in everything that happens here on earth, both the blessings and the curses,” Hagee said in a statement issued through his public relations firm. “But ultimately neither I nor any other person can know the mind of God concerning Hurricane Katrina. I should not have suggested otherwise. No matter what the cause of the storm, my heart goes out to all who suffered in this terrible tragedy. There but for the grace of God go any one of us.