Spakovsky: Supreme Court voter ID ruling ‘vindicates the Bush Justice Department.’

Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that “that states may require voters to present photo identification before casting ballots.” The ruling, which opens “the way for wider adoption of a measure that Republicans say combats fraud,” is now being touted by President Bush’s stalled FEC nominee Hans von Spakovsky as vindication for the politicization of the Justice Department under President Bush:

“This decision not only confirms the validity of photo ID laws, but it completely vindicates the Bush Justice Department and refutes those critics who claimed that the department somehow acted improperly when it approved Georgia’s photo ID law in 2005,” said Hans A. von Spakovsky, a former member of the Federal Election Commission and a former Justice Department official.

In 2005, over the objections of a team of Justice Department lawyers and analysts, von Spakovsky approved Georgia’s voter ID law, which a federal judge ultimately compared it to a Jim Crow-era poll tax.