Brownie: I hate the phrase ‘heckuva job.’

Paul Bedard at U.S. News recently became Facebook friends with former FEMA director Michael Brown, who lists some of his favorite tv shows as “incessantly flipping between Fox, MSNBC, and all the talking heads.” According to Bedard, Brownie also uses his page to clear the record on his time in the Bush administration:

brown.jpg Fact is, his is an interesting comeback story, and his Facebook page, which you have to sign up for to see, tells it. He’s a long way from President Bush’s disaster plaudit, “Brownie, you’re doin’ a heckuva job,” but he remembers it well, dubbing it his least favorite quote. He follows that up with this advice: “Don’t always believe what you read. Ask me instead.” Apparently, many are. He had about 85 friends two weeks ago, and with some active marketing, he’s nearly topped 225.

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shoeless Says: “A lot of people in New Orleans hate that phrase as well.”