Graham: ‘John [McCain] Is His Own Guy. Good Luck Making Him George Bush.’

This morning on CNN’s Late Edition, host Wolf Blitzer asked Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), “Where would Sen. McCain change U.S. policy from what the Bush administration is doing right now?” Graham responded:

I think there are a couple areas that would be different. One global climate change. John has been talking about global climate change for many years now. I think he would help lead the world to a solution there.

On the domestic front, I don’t think you’ll have a stronger advocate for limited government than Sen. McCain. And when it comes to foreign policy, I think John can put together the alliances that we need, strengthen some alliances that have been frayed a bit that will help us confront places like Iran. John is his own guy. Good luck making him George Bush.

Watch it:

Ironically, just over a month ago on CNN, Graham refused to say there was any “difference” between the worldview of McCain and Bush.

Graham now wants to claim that McCain is different from Bush on climate change and in working with allies. In reality, McCain has begun sounding like Bush on those issues as well:

— On climate change, Bush has minimized his differences with McCain by announcing a weak plan to cap carbon emissions in 2025.

— On working with allies, McCain was forced to back down from a proposal to establish a League of Democracies after experts warned it “could damage U.S. interests” by alienating allies. Furthermore, his plan to kick Russia out of the G8 has elicited concern among European allies.

As President Bush has said, McCain “is not going to change” his key policies. Good luck running for a third Bush term.