He’s a Muslim — And His Minister’s Nuts Too!

Lisa Shiffren at NRO walks us another step forward in trying to mainstream the notion that Barack Obama had a secret Muslim upbringing — “Make of it what you will. Certainly that he may have been educated or raised Muslim is no disqualifier, but if he is lying about his upbringing for political acceptance, it speaks to character. We don’t know if he is, but we know Daniel Pipes is no crank.”

Pipes is, of course, a crank as we saw in yesterday’s post where he was busy complaining that the real threat is that sneaky Muslims will abandon terrorism and start using the democratic process to get their way. What makes this kind of thing so odious is that once you manage to present the question, there’s no way to debunk it. Is John McCain a manchurian candidate controlled by North Vietnamese Communists? He denies it, but these cranks say he is and if he’s lying it speaks to his character. And how’s McCain supposed to categorically disprove the charges? After all, none of us really know what happened in those jungle prison camps. . . .