‘Military analyst’ to Rumsfeld: ‘You are the leader. You are our guy.’

The Pentagon recently released documents related to its propaganda program, first disclosed by The New York Times on April 20. Media Matters notes that the now public records reveal a meeting in April 2006 between then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and then-Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Gen. Peter Pace, in which one unidentified “analyst” praised his “leader”:

During the meeting, one of the attendees tells Rumsfeld, “[W]e get beat up on television sometimes when we go on and we are debating” and says that he would “personally love” for Rumsfeld “to take the offensive, to just go out there and just crush these people so that when we go on, we’re — forgive me — we’re parroting, but it’s what has to be said. It’s what we believe in, or we would not be saying it.” The individual adds: “And we’d love to be following our leader, as indeed you are. You are the leader. You are our guy.

Media Matters has “documented the consistent unwillingness of most of the outlets mentioned in the Times article to discuss the military analyst story.”