Ten of the 15 questions in today’s press gaggle focused on Jenna’s wedding.

The White House press corps gave Bush administration spokesman Gordon Johndroe a tough time in today’s press gaggle. Of the 15 total questions asked during the briefing, 10 were regarding the upcoming wedding of President Bush’s daughter Jenna. Here are some of the most hard-hitting of the bunch:

Is Barbara there already?

— We’re all concerned about getting some kind of a readout after the event. Do you expect us to get anything?

Was 41 on board today?

— Is he going to be doing his normal activities down at the ranch this weekend, since there’s this big affair — like, is he going to go — probably do the exercise and the chopping of the cedar and all that stuff, or is that pretty much on hold this weekend?

— Are they — is the Bush family hosting a rehearsal dinner since — with the Hagers?

What is [Bush] going to do today?

With important questions like these, its shocking that it took 14 days for a reporter to ask about Bush’s approval of torture.