McCain: Embattled U.S. attorney has done a ‘good’ job.

Today, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) spoke in New Jersey, confessing to reporters who pressed him about local issues that he knows little about the state. “I’m not that familiar with the political situation on the ground here,” he said. Asked about New Jersey’s U.S. attorney, Chris Christie, McCain simply claimed Christie has been “good”:

McCain deferred when pressed on whether he was familiar with Christie — a federal prosecutor appointed by President Bush — or Christie’s work. “I know it’s been good,” he said. “I’m certainly not familiar with the political environment here.”

Christie’s work, however, has been highly controversial. Last fall, he awarded his former boss, John Ashcroft, a lucrative no-bid contract to “monitor a large corporation willing to settle criminal charges out of court.” The contract appeared to be “political patronage,” spurring congressional hearings on contracting. Congress is still investigating the matter.