GOP to attach telecom immunity to media shield law?

Since February, when House Democrats refused to vote on a Senate Intelligence bill that included retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies, conservatives have been seeking to force the vote any way they can. Now, according right-wing insider Jeb Babbin, House Republicans may try to tie immunity legislation to a media shield law bill:

House Republicans are considering a new strategy to break the deadlock. A media shield bill — introduced in the House by Cong. Mike Pence (R-In)d and Rick Boucher (D-Va.) — passed the House in October by the overwhelming vote of 398-21. […]

House sources say that the combination of the House bill and the Senate FISA bill could penetrate Pelosi’s wall around FISA. Those sources also said that the media shield bill is a “must pass” piece of legislation this year because the Democrats reportedly are under enormous pressure from their media pals to pass the bill.