Anti-McCain Videos

I feel like this one should probably be shorter:

I kind of wonder on some level what the point of producing tons of McCain-bashing web videos is, since it seems like a foregone conclusion that pretty much the entire cohort of people inclined to watch web videos isn’t going to vote for McCain in the first place. It’s interesting, though, that we’re seeing the emergence of a bifurcated media landscape and political conversation. People over a certain age exist in a universe where it’s almost as if the web doesn’t exist and things like the nightly news, the daily paper, and the cable networks are utterly dominant. For people below a certain age, the nightly news is totally irrelevant, the daily paper is primarily a website, and things like blogs and web videos matter a great deal.

This is one thing people forget when discussing the much-remember points that people who watched Nixon debate Kennedy on television liked Kennedy, but those who listened on the radio liked Nixon. In 1960 television was still a relatively new technology, and an older, late-adopter segment of the population didn’t have it and listened to debates on the radio. That was a Nixon-friendly demographic, just as early-adopters of web technology today are Obama-friendly.