Boston’s Comcast network fires local newsman for protesting Bill O’Reilly.

Last month, local Boston news reporter Barry Nolan announced that he would be mounting a campaign to protest the fact that Bill O’Reilly was awarded an Emmy Award by the Boston/New England Chapter. Nolan insisted that O’Reilly is “a mental case” who shouldn’t be held up as an example of journalistic integrity. The Boston Herald reports that Nolan’s activism against O’Reilly has cost him his job:

nolan.gifCN8 has fired veteran TV journalist Barry Nolan for publicly protesting the decision by the local Emmy Awards to honor Fox News blowhard Bill O’Reilly.

Nolan tells MediaBiz he was fired Tuesday following a two-week, unpaid suspension.

“I knew going in that there was serious risk that I’d lose my job,” Nolan said yesterday, “but nobody likes it when people tell them to stifle, not even Edith Bunker.”