McCain adviser apologizes for saying that it’s sometimes ‘accurate’ to describe a woman as a ‘bitch.’

During CNN’s primary coverage on May 20, CNN senior analyst Jeff Toobin criticized a New York Times column that published a joke about Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) being a “white bitch.” But CNN contributor Alex Castellanos, who is also an adviser to Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) campaign, disagreed, saying that a woman sometimes deserves to be called a “bitch.” Yesterday on the Situation Room, Castellanos finally apologized for his remarks:

Same thing happened to me last week, last time I was on the round table, I was trying to make a point about Senator Clinton’s toughness and strength, which I respect, and I chose the wrong words and the way to say it. And I’m sorry I said it that way. It was the wrong thing.

Watch it: