Wash. Post Reporter Says ‘No Way’ Secret Service Would Agree To McCain Plan To Visit Iraq With Obama

macmugweb.jpgLast Sunday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) suggested that Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) visit Iraq — together — saying “it would be good for the country.” When asked about Graham’s idea, McCain said, “Sure. It would be fine,” adding condescendingly, “I would also seize that opportunity to educate Senator Obama along the way.” Yesterday, McCain outright challenged Obama to go to Iraq saying, “I’d be glad to go with him.”

But would such a plan actually be feasible? In a washingtonpost.com chat this afternoon, Post Congressional reporter Paul Kane suggested that there is “no way” the Secret Service would buy into the McCain/Graham scheme:

Roseland, N.J.: John McCain’s suggestion that both he and Barack Obama visit war-strewn Iraq together: Can you think of an idea the Secret Service would veto faster?

Paul Kane: Yeah, that idea did make me chuckle. No way Secret Service allows such a thing. Remember that market visit McCain did in Baghdad in early ’07?

The “dog-and-pony show” that McCain wants to take Obama on is going to require a significant security presence. As Kane noted, McCain famously cited his Baghdad market stroll last year as an example that security was getting better there but absent from his claim was the large American military entourage that accompanied him.

But throughout his campaign for president, McCain has shown how little he thinks through the various plans he has offered, as some of them have little chance of being realized or have actually already been implemented:

— Earlier this month, McCain floated the idea of creating a human trafficking task force. But the problem is that one similar to what McCain proposed already exists.

— McCain offered a plan to kick Russia out of the G8, an idea one “senior U.S. official” called “impossible.”

— McCain had to back away from his plan to create a “League of Democracies because it was “greeted with alarm by some Republican supporters and wariness by important U.S. allies.”

Maybe the unworkable nature of McCain’s grand ideas can be attributed to severe lack of planning. But some have suggested that McCain’s slip-ups simply amount to “senior moments.”


Time’s Karen Tumulty notes that McCain’s plan “is one of the worst ideas I have heard in a long time,” adding that the “security and logistics that would be involved in arranging for two presidential contenders to visit a war zone is mind-boggling.”

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