NY governor announces plan for state agencies to recognize same-sex marriages.

Today, New York Gov. David Paterson (D) held a press conference announcing his directive for all state agencies to begin recognizing same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions. At a meeting with LGBT leaders on May 17, Paterson called it “a strong step toward marriage equality.” Watch his press conference today:

Good As You has video of the question and answer session of the briefing.


PATERSON: or of the same sex the same equal opportunities in New York as we have granted those marriages traditionally that existed in other states by law or in foreign jurisdictions by witness. And so on February 1st of 2008, we reached an appellate court decision in the fourth department in the case of Martinez v. Monroe County. This would grant — would uphold those same rights here in New York.

On May 14th, the day before the supreme court of California granted marriage equality in that state, in New York, 24 hours earlier, I directed, through my counsel, David Nocenti, the councils of the agencies of our government to bring back reports to all of us on June 30th demonstrating any possible conflicts such that we can be in compliance with the law.

And that is how we have addressed this issue so as to avoid any lawsuits, so as to avoid discrimination, so as to try to maintain the same laws that have existed in New York for decades.