Like Bush, Cheney’s unpopularity results in less 2008 campaign cash.

Last week, the Wall Street Journal noted that with his approval ratings so low, President Bush’s impact on raising money for Republican candidates has reduced significantly over the last few years. Vice President Cheney’s impact appears to be headed in the same direction, as the Dallas Morning News reports:

Vice President Dick Cheney’s political forays have gotten less frequent. But he gave a pep talk to New York Republicans and helped refill their coffers Thursday. […]

The Iraq strategy is working “brilliantly,” Mr. Cheney told 800 or so donors in a midtown Manhattan hotel ballroom – a crowd far smaller than 1,200 Rudy Giuliani drew to the same event a year ago. […]

Thursday’s was Mr. Cheney’s 36th political event since the start of 2007, raising $8.6 million, according to party officials.

In the previous two-year cycle, he did five times as many events, raising more than $40 million.

Cheney’s seems to be getting used to small crowds turning out to his fundraisers. Like Bush, Cheney’s approval ratings are at dismal levels, “which could help explain why he’s stumping less these days.”