‘World’s largest’ Confederate flag to be flown in Tampa.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans, an all-male organization dedicated to preserving the “true history” of the Civil War period, is currently constructing what they say will be the “world’s largest” display of the Confederate flag in Tampa, Florida — a 30-foot high and 50-foot long flag atop a 139-foot pole. John W. Adams, a co-chair of the Confederate Veterans’ Flags Across Florida project, insists the flag isn’t about racism or slavery. “It’s about honoring our ancestors and about celebrating our heritage,” he said. “It’s a historical thing to us“:

[Douglas] Dawson, the Sons of Confederate Veterans’ Florida commander, said he knows a giant Confederate flag flying 24 hours a day over two of the Tampa area’s busiest roads will cause controversy.

“We can’t do anything but explain to people what the truth is,” said Dawson, of Pensacola. “If they don’t want to accept that, they’re closed-minded, and Jesus Christ couldn’t change it.”