New film finds ‘disillusionment’ in Bush’s hometown of Crawford.

sign.gifFilmmaker David Modigliani’s new documentary “Crawford” takes a look at what happened to the small Texas community of 700 residents after George W. Bush bought a 1,600-acre ranch early in his presidential campaign in 1999. “I wanted to do a film indicting Bush for this political stagecraft, using this town as a prop,” Modigliani said. “But I found something much more compelling, which was the people of Crawford: their stories, their journeys, their arcs. The film became about them”:

“Generally speaking, there was this excitement, enchantment and economic boon that came with his moving to town,” Mr. Modigliani said. “By the end of the film, there’s a sense of disillusionment, being tired of the attention and feeling like the novelty has worn off.”