Waxman calls for release of FBI interviews with Bush and Cheney.

In a letter to Attorney General Michael Mukasey today, Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA), the Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, calls on the Justice Department to turn over FBI interviews of President Bush and Vice President Cheney taken during the course of the Libby investigation. From Waxman’s letter:

bush.JPGThe interviews with senior White House officials also raise other questions about the involvement of the Vice President. It appears from the interview reports that Vice President Cheney personally may have been the source of the information that Ms. Wilson worked for the CIA. Mr. Libby specifically identified the Vice President as the source of his information about Ms. Wilson. None of the other White House officials could remember how they learned this information.

New revelations by former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan raise additional questions about the actions of the President and the Vice President. Mr. McClellan has stated that “[t]he President and Vice President directed me to go out there and exonerate Scooter Libby.” He has also asserted that “the top White House officials who knew the truth — including Rove, Libby, and possibly Vice President Cheney — allowed me, even encouraged me, to repeat a lie.” It would be a major breach of trust if the Vice President personally directed Mr. McClellan to mislead the public.

Waxman requests that Mukasey provide the FBI interviews to the committee by June 10. Read the full letter here.


Emptywheel writes that it seems like “Dick Cheney ordered Scooter Libby to out Valerie Wilson.”

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