Matthews: No one in the media has ‘laid a glove’ on McCain in ‘10 years.’

During MSNBC’s coverage of the South Dakota and Montana primaries last night, host Chris Matthews noted how Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) criticized the media’s coverage of Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) in his speech last night, saying that “Pundits and party elders have declared that Senator Obama will be my opponent.” “What is his beef with the media, I’d like to know that” said Matthews, adding “I mean, after ten years of covering this guy, I have yet to see anybody lay a glove on him.” Watch it:

[flv http://video.thinkprogress.org/2008/06/MatthewsMcCainBeef.320.240.flv]

Tim Russert added, “Well, he used to call it his base.”