Washington Times’ Tony Blankley: Obama might be a ‘dictator.’

In the Washington Times today, former Newt Gingrich aide Tony Blankley tries to cast Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) as a potential “dictator” in waiting. Claiming that Obama made a “shockingly dictatorial assertion” last month when he said Americans can’t expect to be considered world leaders while still driving SUVs and eating “as much as we want,” Blankley asks if he is a “dictator or democrat?“:

Dictator or democrat? Radical or liberal? Who in the world is this man? Where in the world is the responsible media? What’s going on?

Blankley’s column is just the latest entry in the right wing’s outlandish efforts to paint Obama as a scary radical. Last week, former House minority leader Tom DeLay (R) said of Obama, “unless he proves me wrong, he is a Marxist.”