Website peddles racially-charged ‘Sock Obama’ toy.

Last month, ThinkProgress noted that a bar owner in Georgia was selling t-shirts comparing Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) to Curious George; last week, the Black Congressional Caucus Foundation received a t-shirt in the mail featuring a similar image. Continuing this racially-charged theme, a stuffed monkey toy called “The Sock Obama” has now been made available online:

sockobamaweb.jpgTheSockObama is made with high quality knit materials to capture the nostalgic look of the Sock Monkey that we all know and love. Staying true to his root, he is hand stuffed with just enough filling to give him a firm, but huggable feel. The removable suit jacket offers two looks for this future President – All Business or Hands On.

Kyle E. Moore at Comments from Left Field explains the racial connotation: “Simian depiction and derision of black people is nothing new. But the specific mechanics as to why it is such an abhorrent racist practice should be lost on no one. In the universal present sense, it’s a matter of subjugation through dehumanization.” (HT: Hoffmania)