Rove ‘talks fairly regularly’ with top McCain staffers.

As ThinkProgress has often noted, former Bush political guru Karl Rove is an informal adviser to Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) presidential campaign while simultaneously appearing as a supposedly independent political analyst on Fox News. Now, in a new article not yet posted online, National Journal’s Peter Stone reveals that Rove “talks periodically” with McCain’s chief political strategist, Charlie Black, while also speaking “fairly regularly” with other top staffers like Nicole Wallace and Steve Schmidt:

“Generally speaking, Rove’s advice is action-oriented and useful,” said another senior consultant to the McCain camp. “It’s always well received.” This McCain adviser noted that Rove talks periodically to Black and a few other top campaign aides on several key matters. “It can be policy ideas, messaging ideas, fundraising prospects, or people who need calls from someone in the campaign.” Rove is “part of the information network that the campaign has,” this adviser said, adding that Rove talks fairly regularly to such key people as Wayne Berman, a major fundraiser for McCain; Nicolle Wallace, a communications adviser; and Steve Schmidt, a senior aide.

Stone, who has previously reported that Rove is “up to his eyeballs” in the coordination of outside political groups supporting Republicans, also reports that Rove is paid “mid-six figures” to provide assistance to the conservative attack group Freedom’s Watch.