Nomination of homophobic surgeon general may be dead.

Last year, President Bush came under intense criticism for his nomination of Dr. James Holsinger as the next Surgeon General of the United States. Holsinger had a long history of prejudice against gays and lesbians, including authoring a graphic document in 1991 arguing that gay sex is “intuitively” unnatural and can lead to “lacerations, perforations and deaths.” Even though Holsinger suggested that Bush might grant him a recess appointment, it appears that his nomination may be finished:

Sen. Jim Bunning (R., Ky.), a staunch supporter of surgeon general nominee James W. Holsinger Jr., suggested yesterday that the doctor’s quest for the top U.S. medical post is at an end.

During a telephone news conference, Bunning said he doubted the nomination would move forward. He cited the Democratic leadership’s blockage of several Bush administration-backed judicial appointments. “They are not moving any positions of consequence,” he said.

Both the White House and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, however, are still insisting that his nomination is alive.