Savage: ‘I’d hang every lawyer who went down to Guantanamo.’

On the Wednesday edition of his radio show, far right talker Michael Savage declared his support for the execution for any lawyer who represents accused terrorism suspects. “I’d execute any lawyer who would do this to this country in a time like this,” said Savage. Later, while talking with a caller, he specifically said he would “hang every lawyer who went down to Guantanamo“:

SAVAGE: Yeah, that’s why they had a pipe bomb and their lawyer said they were firecrackers. I tell you, I’d hang the lawyer. If I ran this country, I’d hang the lawyer. I would try her for aiding and abetting terrorism — I’d hang her and I’d hang every lawyer who went down to Guantánamo to defend those murderers.

Many of the lawyers defending detainees at Guantanamo Bay are actually members of the military. Media Matters, who has the audio, points out that in March, Savage advocated putting “left-wing lawyers” in Abu Ghraib.