Justice Department report shows overwhelming Federalist Society bias.

As ThinkProgress has noted, the Bush administration has extremely close ties to the Federalist Society. Political appointees in the Justice Department, such as Monica Goodling, assessed U.S. attorneys partly based on whether they were members of the right-wing group. In its new report, the DOJ Inspector General reveals that the Department’s internship and Honors programs were also heavily pro-Federalist Society:


In the Honors program, all seven applicants who indicated that they were American Constitution Society (ACS) members weren’t selected for interviews, while 27 of the 29 Federalist Society applicants were selected. In the Summer Law Internship Program (SLIP), 12 of the 13 applicants who were ACS members weren’t selected for interviews, while all Federalist Society applicants were approved.


It wasn’t just ACS. WSJ Law blog notes, “Membership in liberal organizations like the American Constitution Society, Greenpeace, or the Poverty and Race Research Action Council were also seen as negative marks.”

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