Hewitt: U.S. will get ‘blown up by the Islamists under Obama.’

On his radio show yesterday, conservative talker Hugh Hewitt announced that he was “living for” the Sept. 13 football game between USC and Ohio State, adding that he predicts that it will be the last game played before the United States “gets blown up by the Islamists under Obama.”:

And none of the USC people will give up their tickets to me. I’d pay fair price. They — they know Ohio State’s gonna slaughter the Trojans. They know that they’re gonna slaughter the Trojans, and therefore they do not want me there at the bloodbath, since it’s probably the last football game we’ll ever get to see before the United States gets blown up by the Islamists under Obama. I — I would like to see Ohio State slaughter USC. This is what I’m living for right now.

Listen here:

Hewitt is not alone among conservatives in his unhinged fearmongering. Last week, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton said that the “best outcome” of an Obama presidency would be “more embassy bombings, more World Trade Center attacks.”