Lars Larson Rips Wall-E As ‘Propaganda’; It Teaches Kids ‘Humans Are Bad For Planet Earth’

Yesterday, ThinkProgress noted that members of the right wing are apoplectic over the “leftist propaganda” latent in the current No. 1 movie in America, Pixar’s “WALL-E.” Conservatives have claimed it contains “fascistic elements,” represents “Malthusian fearmongering,” and is evidence of “Bush Derangement Syndrome.”

Last night, MSNBC’s “Verdict” with Dan Abrams ran a segment on the reaction to the film, with conservative talk radio host Lars Larson largely agreeing with the right-wing attacks, insisting the movie “is propaganda.” He even half-jokingly demanded to know whether Abrams was “in favor of robot marriage.” Larson was furious that the movie suggested humans need to take care of the earth:

ABRAMS: This is craziness, right?

LARSON: No, no. … It’s propaganda! We’re talking about a movie that foists off on little kids the idea that human beings are bad for planet earth. And that’s not true. Why are human beings bad for planet earth? … If you take your kids to this, understand they’re going to come away with the idea that mommy and daddy are bad for the planet and the planet would be better off without them.

Watch it:

It’s no surprise that Larson, a long-time global warming denier, would detest the film’s ecological message. Larson has admitted that “we’re warming up a little bit,” but insists “it’s not caused by humans and it’s not curable by humans.”

Abrams’ ridicule seemed to prompt Larson to try to steer the conversation to tried-and-true conservative talking points: fearmongering on marriage and blasting Al Gore.