Right-wing radio talker Monica Crowley caught plagiarizing.

A few weeks ago, the site 23/6 made a parody of the “You Can’t Have Alex” MoveOn.org ad. The parody featured Laurie Kilmartin, who explained today, “We called it ‘John McCain, Meet William,’ with me as the mom and my son as ‘William.'” But on right-wing radio host Monica Crowley’s June 21 radio show, Crowley took credit for Kilmartin’s parody ad, claiming she made the ad to make fun of MoveOn.org:

mcw.jpgShe began tearing apart the MoveOn ad and she played our parody ad as she went to commercial, without crediting us. … When Monica came back from commercial, she played our parody again but this time she claimed she created it. “We put together a little spoof there of that MoveOn.org where the woman holds up her baby…”

As Kilmartin notes, this isn’t the first time Crowley has been caught “stealing.”