Lieberman: After Iran wipes out Israel and ‘Arab countries’ in the Middle East, ‘we’re next!’

Yesterday on ABC’s This Week, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I- CT), chief surrogate for Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) presidential campaign, complained that the “Iranians have consistently” refused to suspend its uranium enrichment. When host George Stephanopoulos asked if Israel should then attack Iran, Lieberman said, “That’s up to Israel,” warning that Iran not only represents an “existential threat” to Israel but also the Middle East and the United States:

LIEBERMAN: That’s up to Israel obviously, but I would say that obviously Israel is first in the line of Iranian fire. And it represents an existential threat to Israel. But you know who is next? The Arab countries in the Middle East and they’re worried about the Iranian program and want us to ask strongly to stop it. And we’re next! Because Ahmadinejad in Tehran constantly leads the mobs in shouts of death to America. And they mean it.

Watch it:

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