McCain’s economists reject ‘two big chunks’ of his economic proposal.

After initially suggesting that the opinion of professional economists does not “matter,” the McCain campaign has released “a statement signed by over 300 professional economists” who support the senator’s economic plan. But as the Politico’s Avi Zenilman points out, the 300 conservative economists who endorse McCain’s plan still reject “two big chunks” of the senator’s proposal: “the gas tax holiday and his promise to balance the budget by 2013.” The Wonk Room has more.


Ezra Klein astutely notes that this Politico headline – “McCain Promises to Balance Budget” — misses the forest for the trees. “The accurate headline for this piece would read ‘McCain Promises to Cut Social Security And Medicare Or Drastically Raise The Payroll Tax.’ If enough pieces like that were written, McCain would have to explain which of those he intends to do.”

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