Koppel: U.S. needs to stay in Iraq for the oil.

Yesterday on ABC’s This Week roundtable, Ted Koppel said the U.S. needs to stay in Iraq because of the “huge amount of oil and natural gas there”:

KOPPEL: U.S. troops are in a part of the world that produces a huge amount of oil and natural gas. We will have U.S. troops in that region for years to come, whether we want to or not. … And with the price of oil going up to a 4.5 dollars a gallon, imagine what would happen to the price of oil if we precipitously pull troops out of the Persian Gulf. It’s not going to happen.

Watch it:

Koppel also suggested that the U.S. stay in Iraq to contain Iran. “You talked a little bit about Iran, and the dangers of Iran. This is not a time to say we’re going to pull all the U.S. troops out of there,” he said.

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In Feb. 2006, Koppel penned an op-ed in the NYT entitled “Will Fight for Oil.”

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