Fox News guests defend Gramm’s ‘nation of whiners’ comment.

Yesterday, McCain adviser Phil Gramm sparked controversy when he said the U.S. had become a “nation of whiners” over the economy because the recession is largely “mental.” Today, Fox News guests defended Gramm’s comments. Matthew Alexander of Fox News, said Gramm was “technically right”:

ALEXANDER: I mean, technically he’s right — two periods of negative economic growth. So he is right, but you don’t wanna be saying that to voters. They’re not going to like that.

Right-radio talker Mike Gallagher applauded Gramm’s “guts,” claiming the current economy is “not that bad”

GALLAGHER: Well, I think Phil Gramm has the guts to say what a lot of you business experts are reading between the lines … Don’t think for one moment that the whiny news pundits and the gloom and doom pundits in the mainstream press aren’t impacting the way people are viewing the economy. … It’s not that bad. Phil Gramm put it best: misery sells newspapers.

Watch it:

“Growth is holding steady at 1 percent. We are still the dominant superpower we always were,” Gallagher said, defending the state of the economy.