Bolton Claims He Has ‘Always Said’ Striking Iran Is ‘Deeply Unattractive’

On the Friday edition of Hannity and Colmes, Alan Colmes questioned former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton about his “statements over the last few months” advocating that the Bush administration use military force against Iran. Bolton denied having made such statements, replying that “would not be an accurate reflection of my view”:

COLMES: Well, you’ve said — statements over the last few months that either you believe the Bush administration is going to strike or that you would like if there were a first strike against Iran. Would that be an accurate reflection of your view?

BOLTON: No, it would not be an accurate reflection of my view. In fact, I’ve said most recently I don’t think the Bush administration will use force, and I have always said, Alan, always said, that the use of force against Iran’s nuclear program is deeply unattractive.

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However, Bolton has not always found the use of force against Iran “deeply unattractive.” To the contrary, he has vigorously pushed the administration to attack Iran, believing it the “prudent” thing to do:

– Asked if he could imagine a scenario where Bush would strike Iran before the end of his term, Bolton responded “I think so, definitely.” [Fox News, 5/7/08]

– Bolton explained that a U.S. military strike on Iran is “really the most prudent thing to do.” [Fox News, 5/5/08]

– Bolton said that he “absolutely” hopes the U.S. will attack Iran in the “next six months.” [Fox News, 8/22/07]

But Bolton doesn’t only theorize about the U.S. striking Iran. On multiple occasions, he has suggested that Israel will attack Iran “after our elections and before the inauguration of the next President,” which he explained “makes a lot of sense.”

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On Fox’s Journal Editorial Report this weekend, Bolton claimed Iran’s missiles “pose a threat” to the U.S. mainland. Seeming to recognize that Iran’s missiles do not have the capability to come anywhere near the United States, Bolton backtracked, saying Iran would put the missiles on steam ships and “sail” them “up the East or the West Coast” to put them in range.

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