Opponents say San Francisco sewer plant too ‘useful’ to be named after Bush.

The Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco has just recently submitted enough signatures to city election officials “hoping to place on the ballot an initiative that would rechristen the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant as the George W. Bush Sewage Plant.” But on CBC radio last Friday, one of the commission’s founders, Brian McConnell, said the group ran in to some unexpected opposition to changing the name:

McCONNELL: What we didn’t expect was that most of the opposition was coming from people who didn’t want to name anything. They just wanted to forget about the past eight years and move on or they felt that this is a facility that does something really quite useful and it would be inappropriate to put his name on it. […] If you get to the point where people are defending the sewage plant, that’s a sign that things have not gone so well.

Listen here:

Earlier in the segment, McConnell noted the logic behind the name change idea: A wastewater treatment plant’s “job is to clean up a mess and so in that respect we think it symbolizes what the country is going to embark on as [Bush] leaves office.”