Bush: ‘I do know about YouTube.’

On Saturday, the Arizona Star reported that President Bush asked the audience to turn off recording devices at a Friday fundraiser, afraid that his remarks could be posted to YouTube:

So sensitive were Republicans about information getting out about the goings-on at the Tucson fundraiser hosted by President Bush Friday morning, even W. himself made sure to ask the 400 or so people at the event to turn off any recording devices.

I don’t know a lot about technology,” the president said, according to one insider, “but I do know about YouTube.

President Bush’s technological incompetence is long-standing; his familiarity with YouTube seems to be a new development. After CNN held the first-ever YouTube Democratic presidential debate, former White House press secretary Tony Snow was asked, “Did [Bush] watch the debate?” Snow responded, “I don’t think so. I don’t think he’s big on YouTube debates.”