Nas to deliver 600,000 signature petition protesting Fox News’s attacks on African-Americans.

At 2 PM tomorrow, rap star Nas will deliver a petition — organized by Color of Change and Move On.org and signed by 600,000 people — to Fox News’s Manhattan headquarters, calling on the network to “stop its racist smears against the Obamas and other Black Americans.” Nas also takes the network to task in a new song, “Sly Fox,” which includes the lyrics, “I pledge allegiance to the fair and balanced truth/Not the biased truth/Not the liar’s truth/But the highest truth.” Last year, Brave New Films released a video exposing Fox’s attacks on black America. Watch it:

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MoveOn Political Action is urging people to sign a petition thanking Sen. Obama for leaving Fox News behind while bringing anchors from other networks on his Middle East trip.

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