Washington Post’s Weisman unsure of what to think of media coverage of McCain.

Throughout this week, Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) campaign has been lambasting his traditional media “base” for what it sees as unfavorable coverage. In a Washington Post discussion yesterday, reporter Jonathan Weisman was asked about coverage of the race. Weisman said he is “sympathetic” to McCain’s complaints:

Look, you have to be a bit sympathetic to the McCain camp’s complaints, at least for this week. Obama has thoroughly dominated coverage.

But later in the same chat, Weisman seemingly flip-flopped and criticized the McCain campaign for being “whiny”:

They just looked a little whiny. The McCain folks knew they were going to be overshadowed. They should have just laid low and let it pass. Instead, they complained and tried (but failed) to counterprogram. I think that compounded the problem.