Olbermann: White House sent me talking points too, ‘I still have them.’

Last night on MSNBC, host Keith Olbermann discussed Bill O’Reilly’s outrage at Scott McClellan’s recent revelation that the White House regularly gave Fox News talking points and that the channel’s pundits and commentators “were useful” to the Bush administration. O’Reilly called McClellan “crazy” and “a liar.” But Olbermann said that he knows from “personal experience” that McClellan “didn‘t make this stuff up”:

OLBERMANN: We know the White House sent out talking points. McClellan says this and I can tell you, from personal experience, I still have them. In 2004 — in retrospect, this looks like one of the great wastes of all time—they sent me a set of talking points, not fully understanding the nature of the show even in 2004, before I sat down and interviewed Joe Wilson. McClellan didn’t make this stuff up.

Watch it: