Mayer receives ‘radio silence’ from the White House on her new book on torture.

In an interview yesterday with National Journal On Air, host Tammy Haddad asked investigative journalist Jane Mayer whether the White House has responded to her new book’s revelations on the administration’s secret detention program. Mayer said that the White House has refused to comment, although many of her sources within the administration have praised the work:

No, there has been just plain radio silence. Though, I can say, I’ve actually heard from some of the sources. This book is not just based on talking to critics of the administration. It’s talking to lots of people on the inside: inside the White House, inside the CIA and the FBI and the military. And it’s been really gratifying. I’ve actually gotten some really wonderful phone calls from people who’ve said, “You know, you got it. Thank goodness someone told the story.” So that actually has really made me feel good.