CNN’s Convention Coverage Sponsored By Big Oil Giant Exxon Mobil

In an ad touting that “CNN equals politics,” the cable news network reveals that its coverage of both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions will be sponsored by Big Oil giant Exxon Mobil. Watch it:

CNN is no stranger to having its political coverage bought and paid for by big energy companies. During the primary season, at least three presidential debates were sponsored by the coal industry. The coal industry has also sponsored CNN’s general election coverage.

As the Wonk Room’s Brad Johnson noted yesterday, CNN’s senior business correspondent Ali Velshi recently joined Congressional conservatives on a trip to Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for a pro-oil drilling propaganda tour. In a subsequent interview with Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), an ardent drilling advocate, Velshi never once questioned any of her false statements on drilling.

UPDATE: CBS’s political news coverage is also sponsored by Exxon:

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