Kurtz highlights TNR criticism of Maddow, ignores progressive enthusiasm.

Earlier this week, MSNBC announced that Air America host Rachel Maddow will be getting her own show starting on Sept. 8. Responding to the news, The New Republic’s Sacha Zimmerman wrote that “the Dawn of Maddow” was indicative of how Americans are “refusing to acknowledge anything but spite, paranoia, and conspiracy theory when it comes to the other side.” Liberals across the blogosphere responded to Zimmerman’s claims in force. But in his Media Notes column today, the Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz highlights only Zimmerman’s critique, not any of the pushback:

The news that Air America’s Rachel Maddow is getting her own MSNBC show draws only qualified praise from the New Republic’s Sacha Zimmerman.

As Glenn Greenwald argues, Kurtz and Zimmerman are buying into the absurd notion that “Liberalism is inherently shrill and unserious — even when advocated by a smart and sober commentator like Maddow.”