McCain’s GOP platform contains ‘caveats about the uncertainty’ of climate science.

The Washington Times reports today that Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) will “run on the final version” of the Republican Party’s election platform, a draft of which the GOP’s 112-delegate platform committee is debating today and tomorrow. The staff-written draft contains a number of hard line conservative positions with which McCain supposedly disagrees:

– “The platform draft calls for constitutional bans on abortion and gay marriage, two steps McCain does not support.”

– Despite McCain’s claims that he believes global warming is real, “the platform is loaded with caveats about the uncertainty of science and the need to ‘resist no-growth radicalism’ in taking on climate change.”

– Despite McCain’s previous support for “a path to citizenship” for illegal immigrants, “the draft platform also retains tough language against illegal immigration and a flat statement of opposition to amnesty for illegal immigrants.”

Additionally, despite his flip-flop on offshore drilling, McCain has thus far maintained his opposition to drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve. But the National Review’s Stephen Spruiell reports that the GOP platform endorses “drilling” in the “onshore fields” in Alaska.


Spruiell indicates at The Corner that references to “global warming” have now been removed from the platform: “The section was titled, ‘Global Warming and Environmental Protection.’ Now it’s just, ‘Environmental Protection.'”

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